• Image of Khing Kang King IAO EP 12' Vinyl

Khing Kang King (Mowgli/LTO) debut EP 'IAO'

9/10 Mixmag
8/10 Drowned in Sound

Boomkat description -
'Gone To Seed' comes off like a possessed Trim and James Blake hookup, spilling magickal word-association off the dome against backdrop of concrète rhythms and off-kilter hooks; 'Morning On Mercury' kits Mowgli's brain-boggling flow with chamber-like keys and crumpled textures; 'Metal On Oxtongue' is the closest to conventional hip hop, and even then it's skewed with eerie vocoder and archetypal OA complexities; again, 'Front Page Expression' recalls james Blake in it's fractured rendering of rustling rhythms and mournful, noirish atmosphere.